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The DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander features plenty of standard I/O and a V-Lock battery slot
allowing to power cameras of the DMSC2 series, e.g. RED BRICK batteries. The module, created from a strong and light magnesium alloy,
connects to the back of the camera and offers a power input (DC IN), HDMI 1.2 output (Type A), 3G-SDI output
(HD-SDI, BNC, impedance 75 ohms), CTRL & SYNC ports (2x four-pin 00B LEMO connectors with time code and genlock signal support),
power output AUX Power (two-pin female P-Tap), power output on the USB bus (Type A, 5 V at 1.5 mA consumption,
e.g. for powering HDMI transmitters or small mobile devices), 3.5 mm headphone output and stereo line output,
also on the 3.5 mm jack connector. The module offers the possibility of automatic booting of the camera after connecting the power supply to the DC IN input.
This feature allows you to easily start/stop the camera without having to physically work with the camera body.

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