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The EclPanel TWC is a compact 2×1 LED soft light that provides a beautiful, wide source of soft and precise colors. Additionally, the PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC offers a full range of white reproductions from daylight to tungsten shades and achieves excellent light quality with high CRI, TLCI, and TM-30 indexes. The EclPanel TWC allows for quick and precise light adjustment through three rotary controls with three fully functional modes: CCT with +/- green balance, HSI for complete control of hue, saturation, and intensity, and FX mode for access to integrated pixel mapping effects. The device can also be controlled in individual sections, allowing for the playback of built-in customizable effects or can be controlled independently via a DMX console. Both methods provide a captivating appearance with an attractive and modern front design and special cinematic effects. The panel is designed with an integrated power supply and built-in power source. Thanks to its lightweight, the EclPanel TWC offers easy setup and cabling, making it a perfect lighting tool.

120.00  / day

Ďalšie informácie:

740 W RGB + warm white LED source (powered at 430 W)
CRI> 95.5; R9> 92; TLCI> 92
Eight-segment pixel control and built-in lighting effects for cinema applications
Quiet operation with multiple fan modes
Battery connection (4pXLR 24-36V): compatible with industrial standard external batteries (optional accessory)

Source: 740 W RGB + warm white LED diodes (powered at 430 W)
Luminous flux: 34,236lm @ 4,000 K with MD filter
Lux: @ 4000K, 517lx @ 5 m
CRI: 94.6 @ 3,200 K; 95.5 @ 5,600 K
R9: 97 @ 3,200 K; 92 @ 5,600 K
TLCI: 92 @ 5,600 K.
TM30 Rf: 92 @ 3,200 K; 89.5 @ 5,600 K
TM30 Rg: 103 @ 3,200 K; 102.4 @ 5,600 K
Expected source lifespan: > 50,000 hours

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