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FUJI Laowa D-Dreamer 17 mm f4.0 Zero-D

The ultra-wide-angle FoV with near-zero distortion (Zero-D) makes it ideal for landscape, architecture, interior and astrophotography. The 113° angle of view allows photographers to include more. The 86mm filter thread allows for quick deployment of filters for maximum creativity in a variety of lighting conditions. The lens is also equipped with a 5-blade aperture system to produce pleasing renderings of the sun’s stars (10-point stars). The Laowa 17mm f/4 GFX Zero-D is currently the widest native lens for Fujifilm GFX cameras. With a 113° angle of view, the lens is ideal for a variety of photography including landscape, interior, architecture and astrophotography. Thanks to the 0.79x “crop” factor of the GFX cameras’ medium format sensor, the angle of view is equivalent to a 13mm lens on a 35mm format sensor. It is particularly helpful when shooting indoors or in confined spaces. Compared to any other wide-angle lens on the market, it is now possible to include more information and detail in the frame.

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